Update Release Announcements

On September 30, 2021, update file Ver. 1.20 was released.

This update is mandatory for playing online.

Changes in this update

Tournament Event (Beta) mode

  • An open tournament will be held every weekend (At 9PM on Saturdays, 6AM & 3PM on Sundays, all in JST)
  • Matchmaking will differ depending on the tournament type
  • Exclusive titles and rank experience points can be obtained depending on the player’s rank
    • Rank experience points will be reflected after the tournament and in a match where rank experience points can be obtained
    • Titles obtained are effective for one (1) week
  • A loss in a Tournament Event match will not result in changes to rank experience points

Additional trophies

  • Trophies pertaining to Team Match and Tournament Event have been added
    • Team Match must be played to unlock Team Match trophies if the conditions for these have already been fulfilled before the update.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the Genesis stage would occasionally cause the application to crash
  • Fixed other minor issues
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